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Yo-Chi Creations

A selection of made to order desserts thoughtfully developed by our Yo-Chi Chef. Our seasonal Creations menu showcases the local makers and shakers of the Melbourne food scene, including Cobb Lane, Ace Cookies, Rooftop Honey, Harcourt, Cha Cha Tea and by Josephine.

Our menu has been crafted with vegan, dairy-free and wheat-free eaters in mind, focusing on dessert experiences that are fun, delicious and unique.

Get Yo-fix today before the season's out!

  • FLAMINGO (gf)

    Almond vanilla frozen yogurt, passionfruit, strawberry white chocolate Ready Set Yo, strawberries, and French Meringues by Josephine


    Strawberry white chocolate frozen yogurt, salted peanuts, strawberries, Cobb Lane brownie bits and dark chocolate Ready Set Yo


    Almond vanilla frozen yogurt, blueberry compote, almonds, Ace Nut Crunch and Salted Caramel Sauce

  • Queen Bee

    Waffle cone, chocolate honeycomb frozen yogurt, popping candy, honeycomb bark and butterscotch sauce


    Harcourt Sparkling Apple Juice, fruit ice cubes, orange, mint, Cha Cha Tea's Strawberry Swoon and Soda

  • SWEET CHEEKS(gf & v)

    Strawberries, mango, mint, coconut frozen yogurt, coconut water, raspberry coulis and ice